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Hey There! Welcome to the LCP Blog. Here you will find just a few of my favorite sessions capturing all things LOVE & LIFE in Sunny San Diego! 

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Carlsbad Sunset Family Session | The Cummings Family


Carlsbad, California Sunset Family Session

As a coastal photographer based in San Diego, California, I get to witness some of the most stunning sunsets. However, when I get to capture a beautiful family during one of these sunsets, it’s even more magical. That’s exactly what happened during my recent Carlsbad Sunset Family Session with Sandi, Cam, and their amazing family.

Carlsbad Sunset Family Session

Sandi and Cam are the sweetest couple who share a TRUE love story!! They first met in kindergarten and have been together forever! They are also amazing parents to their three loving and sweet children. Nolan, their oldest, is a senior in high school. He will be graduating in just a few short weeks. Throughout the session, I could sense the bittersweet feeling of him heading off to college in the fall. However, it brought me so much joy to know that this family now has these beautiful images from this season of life to look back on and cherish forever.

Their daughters, Taylor and Kiera, are the cutest little girls! I loved watching them run along the trails, laughing and giggling. It was also evident that they adore their big brother! The love this family has for each other shines through in every shot. I loved capturing the love and connection between them and seeing the joy they shared just being together. I could tell that this family was incredibly close-knit.

As we made our way through the trails, the sun began to set, casting a warm, golden glow on everything around us. It truly was a picture-perfect family session! The Cummings family were a dream to work with, and we had a blast exploring the beautiful trails of Carlsbad, California while capturing some of the sweetest memories. It’s moments like these that remind why I love photography so much! 

If you are interested in learning more about my family photography, please reach out here! I can’t wait to hear from you and talk about how I can help capture your precious family memories!  To view more of my work, click here to view my family portfolio.

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